'Jurassic Park' For Real? Dino-Chicken Experiment Underway

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Beware, good sir: Nature will find a way.

Montana State University paleontologist Jack Horner served as a consultant on "Jurassic Park," but apparently all of the film's cautionary elements -- like the fact that what you bring back to life could kill you -- went over his head, as he's set to create his own modern dinosaur hybrid.

Somewhat luckily, Horner isn't looking to make a T-Rex (although apparently not for lack of trying) but a ... chicken.

A dino-chicken, anyway.

"The whole idea of making a dinosaur came from ["Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton's] original idea," Horner told Hollywood.com. "I kept thinking, 'There's got to be a way to do this.'"

Shortly after production wrapped on "Jurassic Park," Horner and some grad students tried extracting some DNA from a T-Rex specimen, which (thankfully) didn't go so well. Now, 20 years later, Horner believes the easiest way to bring dinosaurs back to life is to create a dino-chicken ... a chicken that's been retrofitted to look like a dinosaur, so to speak.

Horner's process, which involves gentically modifying chicken eggs, is an accelerated form of breeding that targets DNA instead of reproduction. Chickens, like all birds, are already equipped with dinosaur DNA, which makes them ideal subjects for the experiment which looks to resurrect dinosaur-era traits to a modern animal.

You can read more about Horner's crazy experiments — of which Jeff Goldblum probably doesn't approve — at Hollywood.com. Meanwhile, we'll be hiding under the bed, preparing for the dino-chicken apocalypse predicted by our Chaos Theorist pals at Movies.com.