Robert Redford Is the Boss for 'Captain America: Winter Soldier'

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It's a big friggin' deal when The Sundance Kid decides he's gonna star in your movie. The name Robert Redford in and of itself is synonymous with awesome, so the man responsible for such repute is an absolute force of filmmaking who can pretty much do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Robert Ruddy Redford, ya'll.

So, when he decided to sign on for movie two of the "Captain America" franchise, which was at first — let's face it — but a fragment of Marvel's ultimate "The Avengers" ambitions, we were all like "Whaaaaaaaat?!" With the sequel set to follow Cappy (Chris Evans)'s international tiff with the now-Soviet-friendly Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), how could they possibly make a suitable place for the likes of R.R.?

But thumbs up, soldier because it looks like he'll be one-upping Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the ranks at S.H.I.E.L.D. Redford, while chatting up his first movie in five years, "The Company You Keep" with SpinOff Online, confirmed that he'll not only be one of the organization's higher-ups, he'll be the dern "head" of it.

RobRed also explained why it was that he of such high brow decided to step into the land of superheroes for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," saying it's "just a very simple thing ... I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something just to be different. Something bold, different. And that felt like a good thing to do. That was it, nothing more to it than that. Well, it's bold in terms of expectations, I guess."

Hooray for the red(ford), white and blue.