'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' Trailer: Fangirls, Get Ready

The back-to-back floppery of "Beautiful Creatures" and "The Host" has left a lot of industry folks confused about the perceived ticketing draw of Young Adult book-to-film properties. Aren't these movies supposed to be raking in gobs of dough and keying up innumerable sequels, the last of which will be a two-parter of some sort? Where are all the ladies and their signs at the midnight lines and the tattoos and such? To that we say, see the list. Know the list. The formula is much more complicated than it might seem.

Sony Pictures hopes that their "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" will become the first film of the year to rejuvenate that ravenous YA fanfare, and they just might pull it off, too.

For their newest trailer, the focus is upon adorable Brooklyn-born redhead Clary (Lily Collins) as she stumbles upon a small world of Shadowhunters — led by the hunky dark hero Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower). Her mother's gone missing, and she's now seeing things, eeevil things her bestie Simon (Robert Sheehan) can't. This means she's a part of this riveting demon-slayer business, and she quite likes it.

If we were doing movie math on this one, it'd be "Legion" + "Harry Potter" + "Twilight" - "Beautiful Creatures."

"City of Bones" hits theaters on Aug. 2, and it'll be the first in a series of fall YA adaptation releases (followed up by "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," "The Seventh Son," "Ender's Game" and the guaranteed runaway "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire").

Given the timing of this one's release — the book series is not yet complete, so the fanbase is still very active and excitable — we can probably add this one to the will-be-successful pile.