Crap on The Dude's Face With This 'Big Lebowski' Toilet Seat

big lebowski toilet seat dude

If you're a fan of "The Big Lebowski," we suggest you sit down for this...on the toilet, that is.

In honor the cult classic, DeviantArt user Cakeonmyface has devised a toilet seat cover, an invitation to sit on the throne that lets you get closer than ever to The Dude. And, really, how can you say no to a toilet seat painted black, with an illustration of a bedraggled Jeff Bridges drinking milk straight from the carton? "Takin' it easy for all us sinners" reads the seat, and The Dude would likely tell you to abide, man. If The Dude abides, you might as well abide on this toilet seat.

Plus, the underside features John Turturro's Jesus Quintana tonguing his bowling ball. And, really, could you ask for a better guard to your throne?

big lebowski toilet seat jesus