Here's a Supercut of Big Dudes Howling in Coen Brothers Movies

Every time Joel and Ethan Coen sit down to work on a new script, they don't start with plot structure or character, they don't start with an outline, and they don't start with a brief overview of the ultimate goal of the main character.

No, they start with the descriptive action line of, "A FAT MAN is screaming about something," and work their way out from there. Or at least, that's what this supercut originally discovered by our brosephs at CinemaBlend would have you believe, and after six minutes of fat dudes screaming, it's a theory that you may find difficult to argue.

In addition to its simple goal of organizing all of the howling fat men in Coen brothers movies into one entertaining six-minute clip, the video also works great for creeping out your co-workers and advancing your career. Just leave it on repeat on your computer any time you walk away from your work desk. Then when your boss inevitably questions you about it, you just say, "What, you don't like the Coen brothers?" He'll backtrack and feel stupid, and you'll end up with a raise and a promotion. It's just so easy sometimes.