Hollywood Height Chart: The Actors You Didn't Know Were Shorties

[caption id="attachment_14638" align="alignleft" width="220"]Tom Cruise Getty Images[/caption]

Tom Cruise is Not. That. Short.

OK, so no one's saying that 5-foot-7 is tall or anything, but, for as long as we can remember, Cruise's height has been a hot topic of conversation. Which is particularly amusing because we don't recall anyone mentioning anything about Robert Downey Jr. or Javier Bardem's stature. Yet, they too stand 5-foot-7.

You're floored? You had no idea? We know. So, because we could come up with plenty of A-list stars and action movie icons who stand exactly as tall as the Top Gun, a few small inches taller or, in some cases, slightly shorter, and because there's simply so much else to talk about when it comes to the "Oblivion" star, we've created a Hollywood Height Chart. It should lay this argument to rest so you can leave T.C. alone once and for all.

Well, on this issue, at least.

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