Lex Luthor Is In 'Man of Steel!' ...Maybe?

[caption id="attachment_171741" align="alignleft" width="220"]Mackenzie Gray Mackenzie Gray[/caption]

So, here's a rumor for you guys: According to Ain't It Cool News, not only is Lex Luthor going to be a fairly major presence in the upcoming Superman reboot "Man of Steel," he's going to be played by Mackenzie Gray, who once played a Luthor clone in the long running Superman TV series "Smallville."

Then again, that might all be a bunch of crap.

"Man of Steel," of course, hits theaters on June 14. And like most movies produced by Christopher Nolan, everyone involved with the project is being so tight-lipped you'd think the studio had given out free botox injections. So figuring out just what the film is going to be about and who is going to be in it is a major challenge.

Now, though, Ain't It Cool News is claiming that relative unknown Gray will be playing "an ambitious, ego driven and cold version of Luthor" in what they describe as a "substantial" role, citing an unnamed industry source.

Of course, nobody knows for sure if any of this is true; even AICN itself seems to doubt their own sources on it. All we know for sure is that Gray does have some role in the film, as he said as much in a YouTube interview with Maija Preddy. He just can't say what the role is about, otherwise Nolan's attack drones will nuke L.A.

"I can't say what I'm playing," Gray said. "I'm allowed to say I'm in the movie. That's it. But it's going to be a fantastic movie, I just know it's going to be really great and for Superman fans, it's going to be really a great film."

And for Lex Luthor fans? Well, depending on whether you believe internet rumors or not, it looks like it might be great for them too.