The Most Horrifying 'Hangover'

So, you thought "The Hangover" was all boobs, babies, and bananapants adventures a group of pals? Well, you thought wrong. You may think of Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, and Ed Helms' "Wolfpack" as the center of a record-breaking comedy best known for its dirty, twisted humor that sent comedy-seekers to the theaters in droves — think again.

This recut trailer turns "The Hangover" into something more dastardly: a dark, disturbing horror flick more on par with the "Saw" franchise than any romp through Las Vegas with a baby on board. There's blood. There's guns. There's Jeffrey Tambor wearing his Bad Guy pants, and it ain't funny.

Buckle up and wipe that smile off your face, scaredy cats. This recut "Hangover" trailer will haunt your nightmares.