BOOM! Goes The White House (in Film)

For those of you who aren't necessarily as sensitive as we are, seeing The White House — the bastion of American freedom — blown to smithereens onscreen can be a real treat. But it's been a common trope in American film for years, which isn't to say that filmmakers are hellbent on turning terrorist attacks into campy fodder, but stranger things have happened.

The Hollywood Reporter took the liberty of culling together a supercut that highlights cinema's finest White-House-goes-kablooey, one that culminates in the explosion currently delighting theatergoers in "Olympus Has Fallen." From "Independence Day" to "Mars Attacks" to "Scary Movie", it seems that intense blockbusters, tongue-in-cheek satires, and LOL-driven fare can have their cake and eat it, too, when it comes to serving up hot, piping terrorism on the big screen.

Bin Laden would be pleased...but only if he wasn't, er, "Zero Dark Thirty'd" and the White House stands in one, solid piece.