The 'Parks and Rec' Justice League: Stacheman and Other Friends

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The cast members of "Parks and Recreation" are practically superheroes to us already. The way they work together to bring justice to the town of Pawnee, Indiana is just remarkable.  So why not make it official and slap a Batman mask over Ron Swanson's head? (Completed with a cutout for his mustache, of course.)

Vicky Trochez (Vicktrola), a Los-Angeles based illustrator, was VICtorious in creating an entire set of the Parks and Rec cast as Justice League characters after she first tried out a graphic with Leslie as Robin. But why isn't Leslie Wonder Woman? She's too ambitious to be relegated to lackey status. Donna is pretty hilarious though in the red and gold leotard; imagine her driving the Benzmobile.

Just in case you wanted to cover up that blank wall in your house that you could never quite figure out what to put there, you can create an homage to the "Parks and Rec" Justice League — buy the prints.

We can only hope that action figures will be next.

Justice League Parks and Rec Ron

Justice League Parks and Rec Leslie


Justice League Parks and Rec Donna