Watch as the Filmmakers Rake in 'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Loot

Two weeks ago, Hollywood became a touch more democratic as "Veronica Mars" fans put their money where their movie-wanting mouths were and ponied up more than two million smackers to make it happen. While jaws met floors nationwide as the goal was met in a single day, judging by this behind-the-scenes video of the will-be filmmakers watching the loot roll in, no one was more surprised than them.

Creator Rob Thomas, leading actress Kristen Bell and actor Enrico Colantoni documented their group reactions to each milestone — from the very first backer to the first $10,000 donor to reaching their first $1 million and beyond — and they were uber-cute the whole way.

"'Veronica Mars' fans rule," a sleepy-headed Bell cooed from her bed as the realization that the movie will happen set in. "We've always known it, but they just rule."

The delight for each was palpable from the start, and for good reason. With sixteen days still left on their Kickstarter campaign, the group's total has now reached nearly $4 million — twice the necessary sum for Warner Bros. green light-age — and the landscape of possibilities for cult TV shows being cultivated into films by similar fan fervor is now wide open.

Thomas knows he's now got the huge responsibility of delivering on what the fans want, and judging by the plans he teased, he's ready, willing and able. In fact, here's an update for the man with the plan.