'The Wolverine' Trailer Totally Kicks Some Angst

Yesterday, with much fanfare, we proudly presented the first teaser clip for the upcoming superhero blockbuster "The Wolverine." And it was pretty much the most exciting 20 seconds of your entire life, right? Well, if you thought that was cool, then buckle up, because now thanks to YouTube, we've got the entire full-length international trailer for you.

And if you thought the first "Wolverine" tease was grim n' gritty, wait until you get a load of this new angst.

Of course, hardcore Wolverine fans have been wondering just what angle star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold were going to take on their loose adaptation of the classic 1982 Chris Claremont-Frank Miller comic that sent Logan to Japan to fight ninjas. And now we know the answer: Turns out Wolverine is seeking a way to become mortal and remove the "curse" of immortality forever.

Which... well, that's one direction they could go with it, sure. Frankly, we kind of prefer our Wolverine to be a butt-kicking badass not a mopey emotional wreck; that's why we were disappointed in the first one.

Still, this trailer does have some pretty sweet action going for it, including motorcycles riding on rooftops, a creepy woman ripping her own face off and, of course, those wonderful ninjas. So here's hoping this film ends up being as cool as its hardcore fanbase wants it to be. Otherwise, well, let's just say that Wolverine isn't the only one ready to fly into a berserker rage.