'The Wolverine' Teaser Trailer: The Claws Come Out

The first action-packed "The Wolverine" teaser trailer is here, and the claws have most definitely come out.

"What they did to me can't be undone," Hugh Jackman, as Wolverine, growls.

"Don't be so sure," comes the reply.

Intriguing! Every time we've been injected with something down to our bones, we've found it to be pretty much irreversible.

In this first look at the "X-Men"-universe sequel for Jackman's adamantine-spiked mutant Wolverine, née Logan, we're heading to the far east. Set after the events of Bryan Singer's "X-Men" trilogy and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," "The Wolverine" takes place in modern-day Japan, where our brooding hero is taking some time to think, and learning how to wield a samurai sword like a champ to boot.

"He realizes everyone he loves dies, and his whole life is full of pain," director James Mangold told Entertainment Weekly of where Wolverine's head is when our story picks up. "So it's better that he just escapes. He can't die really. He just wants to get away from everything."

We've already seen a motion poster for the film, and MTV News yesterday released a six-second teaser for the teaser of the film. What new details can you glean from this latest reveal?

"The Wolverine" will hit theaters on July 26, 2013.