'Ender's Game' Movie Poster Reveal: Prepare for the Battle Room


UPDATE: It's finally here! Ready your battle stations, troops, because the first one-sheet for "Ender's Game" is in the house ... or, actually, rather far away in space.

Revealed by Yahoo! Movies today, the new snazzy poster gives us a first full glimpse of Ender Wiggin stepping into the zero grav battle room in his proud orange-highlighted Dragon Army suit. The kid's totally ready to give the intergalactic community the business.

This movie's been a quarter century in the making, but what with Asa Butterfield's awesome take-no-guff posture and all that spacial imagination this may just be worth the wait.


PREVIOUSLY: The first full poster for "Ender's Game" is on the way today, and since 27 years has apparently not produced quite enough anticipation for this adaptation of Orson Scott Card's space journey, director Gavin Hood has gone and teased us with a telling 'lil tidbit from what's to come.

enders game poster boots

In the preview portion, the boots of what must be Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) stand at the entryway to the no-grav battle room, overshadowing the little "Warning: Null G Beyond This Line" label.

Hood has shared a glimpse at the same exact set spot before, but back then it wasn't nearly as daunting (or bleak).


Coupling this with Hood's back-of-head shot of Ender from way back in April 2012 might give us a good idea of what the poster reveal will look like, but we'll have to wait (ugh) and see!


Hood, who logged in a lot of blogging time during production last year, added a note about where things are at with the flick in post.

"We are now well into post production and the famous zero gravity battle room scenes are looking fantastic," he wrote. "We started a year ago by sending our talented young actors off to a "space camp" to train under the guidance of real NASA astronauts. They learned to move in zero gravity environments and experienced the wonderful feeling of weightlessness. Mix in some truly incredible visual effects work and today we are looking at battle room scenes that will blow your mind!"

Anyone else suddenly have an urge to whip out the old moon boots for a celebratory jumpy clap session?

"Ender's Game" finally hits theaters this Nov. 1.