Supercut: Gary Oldman, Losing His S**t

For being such a low-key, mild-mannered gentleman off-camera, Gary Oldman sure loses his s**t pretty often in movies, doesn't he? It almost feels as if we've been yelled at by Gary Oldman as much as anyone else in our lives.

That's what our acquaintances at Laughing Squid discovered with the embedded video above, which is, you guessed it, a supercut of Gary Oldman losing his s**t in movies. (If you are at work and wish to watch, please keep in mind that Gary's characters sometimes say bad words — and by sometimes, we of course mean "always.")

Oddly, though the supercut focuses on one specific aspect of his characters (namely the varying degrees of how they lose their s**t), we can't help but come away from the video even more impressed with Oldman's versatility: Gary loses his s**t with a British accent, he loses his s**t with a New York accent, he loses his s**t in the 1700s, he loses his s**t at Roy Scheider, he loses his s**t at President Harrison Ford, he loses his s**t with dreadlocks. The man can certainly lose his s**t!

Keep on losing your s**t, Gary. But please, make sure you get it back, so you can lose it again for us next time.