Sundance Hit 'The Kings of Summer' Drops First Online Teaser

When a film becomes a hit at the Sundance Film Festival, it often generates a ton of online buzz and gets folks in the industry talking. But it doesn't always lead to the movie actually, you know, coming out in theaters so the rest of the world can see it. Sometimes deals just don't get done and even when they do, it can often be a year or more before a Sundance hit finally shows up in your local Cineplex. And by then, the buzz is long gone, forgotten by even the most hardcore indie fan.

But not "The Kings of Summer." Because the breakout sensation from this year's Sundance Film Festival is already en route to theaters and thanks to Slash Film, we have the first teaser trailer right here to prove it.

Of course, if you've never heard of "The Kings of Summer" and don't remember the buzz about it, there's a perfectly good reason for that: The movie was previously called "Toy's House" when it became one of the darlings of Sundance this past January.

But whatever the name is, it's still the same film that charmed audiences and critics alike. Described as "Superbad" meets "Stand By Me," "The Kings of Summer" stars newcomers Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso and Moises Aries as three teenage boys who run away from home and build a house in the woods. The coming-of-age comedy also features the likes of Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Alison Brie and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

None of those bigger names are in the trailer, of course, which is basically just the three teen stars dancing in the forest, something we do pretty much every morning just to get ready for our day. "Kings of Summer" will be arriving in select theaters on May 31, so get pumped. Because for once, you're going to actually get to see what all the Sundance buzz about while it's still buzzing.