Take a Trip to Ryan Gosling's Acting Range

Ryan Gosling's Acting Range - watch more funny videos

Shots fired! Shots fired! Shots fired at "Ryan Gosling's Acting Range"!

Indeed, some clever fellows at Funny or Die took a pretty vicious (if super funny) shot at Ryan Gosling with "Ryan Gosling's Acting Range," which takes advantage of the double entendre inherent in those four words to hilarious degrees (the "range" is an actual place instead of a marker of Gosling's acting versatility. I know, burn.)

In the video, a man dressed as Ryan Gosling but looking closer to Thomas Lennon explains that at the range, you can learn how to become "gangster squadders, boxers, drivers, and driving boxers," and learn how to be from various areas of New York City. They kind of have him there, I guess.

Gosling/Lennon goes on to explain (in an increasingly unintelligible accent) how to seduce a young lady ("girl charmin' business"), how to be funny ("kiddin' around business") and how to do nothing ("the business of no business at all"), and it's all for some reason scored to cheesy 80s synthesizer music. We have to say, the range looks the price of admission.

I bet when someone shows the actual Ryan Gosling this video, he'll be so upset that he'll spend millions of dollars and sleep with whoever he wants.