Rogen and Franco May Go For a Threepeat With 'The Interview'

seth-rogen-james-franco-220Seth Rogen and James Franco are, like, total movie BFF's. First they collaborated on the stoner cult hit "Pineapple Express." And then they reunited for the upcoming apocalyptic comedy "This Is The End," which features the pair playing versions of themselves during the end of days. So what's next for these hetero life partners?

How about assassinating the prime minister of North Korea?

Yes, that's right: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Franco is in talks to co-star alongside Rogen in the new comedy "The Interview," which revolves around a hapless television reporter getting mixed up in an assassination attempt in North Korea. Talk about a sticky situation.

Before you start getting to chuffed over this latest chapter in the Rogen-Franco bromance, it should be noted that Franco is still just being "considered" for the role. Which in Hollywood terms really isn't saying much; people get considered for roles all the time without coming close to actually being signed. Heck, we "considered" eating a hundred donuts for breakfast this morning and that didn't happen either. So, you know, plans change.

But there are reasons to hope, not the least of which is the fact that Rogen is also on board to direct "The Interview" from a screenplay that he co-wrote with Evan Goldberg, who previously collaborated with Rogen on "This Is The End," "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express." As well as "The Watch" and "Green Hornet," but look, not everyone is perfect.

So "The Interview" would basically be one big happy reunion for Rogen, Franco and Goldberg — and another treat for fans who enjoy watching this team's unique form of chemistry. And if it means assassinating the leader of a rogue communist nation to get it done? Well, that's just a price we're willing to pay to get a few laughs.

Fingers crossed, you guys!