Holy A Cappella, It's a 'Les Miserables'-Inspired Passover Story!

Jewish a capella troupe The Maccabeats know a good idea when they see one, and the decision to create a medley inspired by "Les Miserables" just in time for Passover is enough to send your Bubbe's head spinning (in delight, of course, nothing "Exorcist"-y).

Taking this year's Oscar-winning blockbuster (which just hit DVD and Blu-ray, by the way) and turning it on its head, The Maccabeats tell the story of Passover (cliffs notes: there's an evil pharaoh and a plague of locusts and unleavened bread and so on and so forth) through the same form of storytelling that helped Anne Hathaway earn her little gold statue. Sure, there's no actual women involved in the production, and, okay, none of them necessarily have the pipes of Hugh Jackman, but that's not to say they get an A for effort.

No, scratch that, they get an A for effort and an A+ for putting on a friggin' play! Who needs Hugh Jackman anyway, right? (Nobody tell that to Hugh Jackman, though. It's our little secret.)