It's Reunion Time and Other 'Veronica Mars' Movie Plot Details Revealed

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"Veronica Mars" fans shocked everyone even remotely aware of Hollywood by coughing up 2 million smackers in a single day to Kickstart the crap out their long-awaited movie adaptation, so now the creator-lead dream team of Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have serious some work to do to ensure their ravenous audience gets exactly what it's still paying for (the pot's up to $3.74 million and counting).

"If we turn in a lousy movie, that would be a sad ending to the story," Thomas told TV Line.

Uhhh, ya think?!

To avoid that problem, along with any resulting pitchforks, Thomas said he plans to pick up in real time with a convenient ten year high school reunion set up. "Fans want to see those all those characters back together again, and the reunion set piece allows me to do that," he rationalized. Seems legit.

He'll also pair Veronica up with a love interest, though it decidedly will not be her old beau Logan. That's a mug she hasn't seen in nine years, apparently, since she's been off finishing up her undergrad degree at Stanford, then tearing it up at Columbia Law. Note: She's also not done any PI work since the end of Season 3.

"She ruined her dad’s chance for re-election and she decided that that path had caused too much chaos in her life. And so she hasn’t worked a PI case in nine years," Thomas explained. Instead, she's fresh off of her bar exam and on the prowl for some schmoozy associateship.

That doesn't mean the biz won't come back into her life at all, though. In fact, Thomas teased there'll "be a moment early in the movie that will bring her back to Neptune and make her give being a private detective one more shot." This won't include the return of her pooch Backup, Lilly ghost (Amanda Seyfried), her cold cases or any R-rating worthy behaviors, though because Rob Thomas aims to welcome new audiences in for the flick.

"All you need to know is that Veronica was a teenage private eye and she’s given it up," he explained, though we disagree and advise you maniacally marathon the entire series anyway.