Science! 'Kill Bill' Has a Bug Named After It Now

beatrix kiddo wasp

Here's something you probably didn't expect to find on your favorite movie site today: SCIENCE! (With a cinematic twist, of course.)

Scientists have recently discovered three new species of the "Cystomastacoides" genus of wasps. According to sci-news, the Cystomastacoides wasps are known for their deadly reproductive habits — basically, they put still-developing eggs inside other insects until the eggs slowly render their hosts either sterile or dead. Pretty gross, actually. But compared to the level of gore in Quentin Tarantino's movies...

Does that method of death sound kind of like the five point palm exploding heart technique to you? No? Well what if I told you that scientists named one of the wasps the "Cystomastacoides kiddo" after Uma Thurman's character Beatrix Kiddo in the "Kill Bill" movies, due to its killer nature? No? Still just gross? Fine.

The Cystomastacoides kiddo, dare we say it, even bares a vague resemblance to Thurman — which is to say, if Quentin Tarantino had decided to film a scene in either of the "Kill Bill"s where every character was a wasp (not wholly out of the question), the CK would have been a strong choice for Uma, even before the name application. We're not saying Uma Thurman looks like a wasp. But she kind of does. Just sayin'.