'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Easter Egg Unlocks International Poster Fare


The new trailer for "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is teeming with explosions, Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) roughing up the Enterprise, one very unamused Spock (Zachary Quinto) and tons of stern-faced villainy by Benedict Cumberbatch's dubiously named John Harrison. Trekkies the world over are having a field day right about now with all the juice there is to suck out of this bad boy, and already they've unearthed a massive Easter Egg.

Set your phasers to eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!, everyone.

Just behind the quick shot of Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) in her skivvies is a link which unlocks a new international poster for the film (for Australian markets). This was a rather brilliant bit of placement since of course the movie's central demographic will pause right here to get a better look. It's just a wonder anyone could see anything other than you-know-what in the frame.


Slick move by Bad Robot, which clearly understands its audience.

As it happens, this is just one of five (as yet discovered) links tucked within the trailer, and each one produces a different country's variation of the poster — Brazil, Russia, Germany and Mexico included.

Trek3 Trek4 Trek5 Trek6

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" crashes into theaters May 17.