Sundance Filmmaker to Reboot 'Pete's Dragon'

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Film fads come and go. One day everyone is making movies about robots, the next day they're all making movies about vampires. And today? Well, thanks to the overwhelming success of family fare like "How to Train Your Dragon" and mature entertainment like "Game of Thrones," the big thing right now is dragons. If it breathes fire, someone in Hollywood is going to give it a development deal.

All of which is a roundabout way to justify this bit of news: According to Deadline, the director of the edgy Sundance indie thriller "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" has just been tapped by Disney to reimagine their 1977 kiddie film "Pete's Dragon."

Sure. Why the hell not?

For those of you who are too young to remember drive-ins, here's a little rundown for you: "Pete's Dragon" was a hybrid musical comedy that starred child actor Sean Marshall as an orphan who runs away from home to escape his abusive foster family and ends up making best friends with a goofy looking animated dragon. So it's kind of like "How to Train Your Dragon," only instead of vikings, it's got Child Services.

Now that unique vision is being reworked by David Lowery, who has been building up major buzz thanks to "Ain't Them Bodies Saints." Which, you know, is a little bit different in subject matter from "Pete's Dragon" in that it's a drama about a crook (Casey Affleck) who busts out of prison to track down his estranged baby mama (Rooney Mara). Hey man, whatever works.

For now Lowery has just signed on to write the updated version of "Pete's Dragon." But who knows, by the time it's ready to come out in theaters, the cultural zeitgeist might have already moved on to the next thing. Our advice? Throw in some mutant gibbons just to be safe. We hear they're the next big thing.