Alternate (Adult) Ending to Disney's 'Paperman' Makes it a Threesome

Disney's sweet little Oscar-winning short film "Paperman" left us all hanging in a lotta ways, but this new video fixes that problem on an appropriately inappropriate note.

In the original short, no one ever said a single word, which was fine because it was set in old times with black and white artistry and suggestive character expressions and yada yada yada. But then it went on to end on an uber vague note: A guy quits his lifeless desk job after unsuccessfully launching dozens of paper airplanes across a city block to get a girl's attention, then the chap gets man-handled by said airplanes into catching the train and then he just so happens to run across the lady of his morning dreams in the exact same spot he first saw her.

Is she all he imagined she'd be? Do they go on to live a long, happy life together? Is his new-found joblessness attractive to this lipstick lady? We don't know. In the credits, a few frames of them making first date goo eyes at one another are shown, but that's it. The end.

So, the folks at College Humor dared to rectify that with this alternative ending.

Not only do the new lovebirds make it back to her apartment in their twisty variation, but their fibrous companion tags along for the fun as well. Turns out, the papers had a stake in the union after all. Talk about a complicated love triangle. Bow chicka.

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