Video Q&A: 'The Sapphires' Stars Chris O'Dowd and Jessica Mauboy Sing for Their Supper

They say that anything too stupid to be said should be sung, and we here at NextMovie take maxims like that very seriously. So when it came time to interview Chris O'Dowd and Jessica Mauboy about their upcoming flick "The Sapphires," in which they, respectively, play a band manager and a member of an Aboriginal girl group desperate to make it big in any way possible, we knew that a simple spoken interview was out of the question.

Enter the NextMovie Soundtrack Challenge. Mauboy, a winner of Australian Idol, and O'Dowd, who is willing to bust out in song at any moment despite not winning any singing contests, were more than game to share with us — and sing a few lines from — important songs from their lives.

Be sure to check out the video above to discover the unique, self-composed gem that O'Dowd likes to sing in the shower, as well as more great jams from the duo.