Director a No-Show on Day 1 of Natalie Portman Western

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It wasn't the most productive first day on the Santa Fe set of "Jane Got a Gun."

The cast and crew of the new Western starring Natalie Portman got quite a surprise when they showed up for work yesterday and director Lynne Ramsay was nowhere to be found, according to Deadline.

It is currently unknown as to why Ramsay, whose credits include the devastating "We Need to Talk About Kevin," would walk off a project at the very last minute, a situation that's almost unheard of in Hollywood.

"I have millions of dollars invested, we're ready to shoot, we have a great script, crew and cast," producer Scott Steindorff told Deadline. "I'm shocked and so disappointed someone would do this to 150 crew members who devoted so much time, energy, commitment and loyalty to a project, and then have the director not show up. It is insane somebody would do this to other people. I feel more for the crew and their families, but we are keeping the show going on, directors are flying in, and a replacement is imminent."

"Jane Got a Gun" stars Natalie Portman as a woman who calls upon her ex-lover (Joel Edgerton) to protect her ranch after her husband runs afoul of a vicious gang (led by Jude Law). The production showed signs of trouble last week when Michael Fassbender dropped out of the cast, causing Edgerton, who had been cast as the villain, to step into his role and Law to be called in to take Edgerton's previous role.

We assume the first day of shooting (or non-shooting, rather) involved a lot of running lines and hanging around the craft services table trading crazy production stories. Meanwhile, Ramsay's probably not going to be working in Hollywood any time soon.

Now — anyone want to direct a Western?