Baby Ryan Gosling Gives Us a Tour of Canada

FACT: Ryan Gosling is from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

FACT: He was also a Mouseketeer, as you're likely well aware since you've been on the internet.

FACT: A handful of clips have circulated online from The Gos's younger days.

Today, however, we're about to add a new one to the pile, one that must been seen. It's a pint-sized, super-cool Ryan Gosling taking you on a tour of his native Canada.

And as it turns out, he was quite the little charmer back then, too. Way before he was a hunky heartthrob with an adopted, old-timey Brooklyn accent, he was playing bongos with mushroom cut-wearing friends and talking about corn. There's a lot of corn (but, hey, it is called Cornwall).

Other treats? Baby Gosling saying he likes the sound of "swishing," an XXL rain jacket, and some killer moves.

Let's just say we could watch this, on a loop, forever. And now that we mention it, we have some Baby Gos to obsess over.