'Iron Man 3' Finale is Too Much Movie For Joss Whedon

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Joss Whedon made "Marvel's The Avengers," a film where New York City is ravaged by thousands of aliens and a handful of massive flying monsters while being fought off by six of Marvel's best and bulkiest.

With that in mind, an interview with Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige (via 2 Kids and a Coupon) reveals that Whedon was left flabbergasted by Shane Black's upcoming "Iron Man 3," to the point where he's not sure how to up the ante in 2015's "Avengers" sequel. Way to leave a dude out of the loop!

"We have what I think is the biggest, you know, most action packed finale we’ve had," Feige explained about Shane Black's "Iron Man" threequel.

"I showed the film to Joss Whedon, who is our writer-director of 'Avengers,' is currently working on 'Avengers 2,' and he saw the finale of this and he goes, 'Now what am I supposed to do now? What am I going to do in 'Avengers 2?'"

If you saw the blitzkrieg explosiveness of the "Iron Man 3" trailer then you already got a little taste of the SPOILERY GOODNESS, including a legion of Iron Man armors, one of which looks like it could bust a Hulk or two. Feige provided a bit more SPOILER detail, which you can relish below:

"There are a lot of (Iron Man) suits in this movie. While it is a movie in which he spends quite a bit of time outside of the suit… by the end of it we reveal that underneath the house, which is now covered with rubble, he’s got dozens and dozens of suits. And once all that rubble gets pulled aside by construction cranes, just when he needs them, he calls them to the rescue."

We're not sure what sort of kerfuffle Tony Stark and his "boys" gets into in the final reel, but given a Deep Space Suit toy that was leaked it's quite possible Robert Downey Jr. is reaching for the stars (actual stars) on this one. However, if we know you, Joss Whedon, we're pretty sure you still have an ace or two up your sleeves, or at the very least a Buffy cameo.