Need a Snack? How 'Bout One of These 3D Pixar Cakes?

wall-e-cake-220Nom nom nom.

Pixar's movies have inspired a lot of awesomesauce, but this takes the cake (pun intended).

As detailed at Yahoo! U.K., someone's wonderfully thoughtful pal decided to honor her animated film buffery by ordering up a Pixar-inspired cake and stumbled upon a ruddy jackpot of these 3D baked gems.

Among the movies successfully represented by these deliciously designed desserts are "The Incredibles," "Cars," "Wall-E," "Up" and, of course, the one and only "Toy Story 3."

We almost need an emergency dental appointment just from looking at these things.

Cake2 Cake3

So much sweetness!

The maestro responsible for these culinary masterpieces was not revealed by the finder, but whoever it was deserves some sort of edible medallion. The detailing and accuracy involved here (excepting that weird angling of Mr. Potato Head's "face") would definitely be certified fresh by any critic.

The only names involved here are birthday boy Oliver and at Mater-lover called Andrea. Those were some lucky little wish-makers on the day(s) they received these bad boys, that's for sure.

Downside to this? Regular cake'll never be cool enough again.