8-Bit Bliss: Movie GIFs Get a Video Game Makeover

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If you hit adolescence at any point over the last 40 years, you probably spent countless hours mashing buttons on a controller to move a few mushroom-popping plumbers around your family’s TV screen. While all that innocent turtle shell kicking and platform jumping was incredibly fun, what if there was a game where you can guide a wise cracking Bible-quoting hitman on a quest to retrieve Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase? Or, what if a secret button combination code made the Jason Bateman character in your game start to shimmy in his poncho to a Huey Louis and the News tune?

Sadly, such fantasies of "Pulp Fiction" and "American Psycho" video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System will never be a reality, but a few nostalgic GIF-makers have conjured a glimpse of what could've been by creating a handful of amazing 8-bit translations of iconic movies. Get your fill of pure pixelated perfection below.

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