The Leprechaun's Best Quotes in 3 Parts

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"Got a light for old Leprechaun's pipe?"

"Scream as you may, scream as you might, if you try to escape ... you'll be dead on this night!"

"If you're gonna linger, I'll give you the finger!"

Can't get enough, can you? It makes sense that the greatest horror franchise in the world would also have the most quotable protagonist of all time (that's right, we said "protagonist" — who you gonna root for instead, Jennifer Aniston?). The luck of the Irish? More like the wit of the Irish!

The Leprechaun is always quick with a smart quip and a clever rhyme, making him also perhaps the chattiest slasher-killer ever — really, he makes the pun-loving Freddy Krueger of the later installments of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series seem like he took a vow of silence.

Below you'll find the Leprechaun's best quotes, which, yes, took three compilations. Enjoy, ye lads and lassies.