Gollum Does Gotye

Remember Gotye? He was the guy who wrestled Carly Rae Jepsen for Song of Summer '12 with "Somebody That I Used To Know." Don't write him off too quickly, since the guy did get a Grammy. Plus, that music video was pretty unforgettable, bringing still art to life. So, naturally, the dude whose turned his primo Gollum impression into an audition for "Les Miserables" has now gone and covered last summer's pop oddity with aplomb.

Yup, that iconic, unforgettably grovely voice straight out of "The Hobbit," might be starting his own soundtrack, if this second video has anything to say about it. If we may make a suggestion, however, we'd love to hear Gollum ask us to call him, maybe. And maybe something by Bieber. And, while he's at it, let's hear some Bruno Mars, too.

Just go all out and make a soundtrack, dude. The time is now.