'Spring Breakers': The 11 Best Quotes (and GIFs!) From the Movie

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How do we love "Spring Breakers"? Let us count the ways.

Harmony Korine's neon-soaked ode to Floridian spring break debauchery hits L.A. and New York theaters today and opesn in wide release across the country March 22, when many of our own sunkissed compatriots are taking a break from real life themselves. In the movie, college students played by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine head south for a week on sandy beaches, singing Britney Spears and slinging margaritas (among other, um, substances). Their situation goes rapidly south, due in part to James Franco's character, Alien, a cornrowed rapper who claims he's "not from this earth, y'all."

Korine's infinitely quotable, cuckoo bananas film is sure to claim its own stake in the pop culture landscape, so we figured we'd get a little head start and share with you our 11 favorite quotes, with accompanying GIFs, from the movie.

We're gonna celebrate spring break forever, bitches.

11. "Rise and shine, little bitch."

10. "I am a f**kin' nightmare in this motherf**ker. I am the f**kin' Death Star!"

9. "Why y'all actin' s'picious?"

8. "I got shorts in every color!"


6. "Bikinis and big booties, y'all. That's what life is all about."

5. "This money makes my tits look bigger."

4. "Y'all my motherf**kin' soul mates, swear to god. I just fell in love with y'all."

3. "S**t! I am f**kin' made of money. Look at my f**kin' teeth!"

2. "This is the most spiritual place I've ever been."

1. "Spring Break...Spring Breeeeeeaaaaaak....Spriiiiiing Breaaaaaak forevaaaaa."

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