'Safety Not Guaranteed' Director Chosen For 'Jurassic Park IV'

[caption id="attachment_169639" align="alignleft" width="220"]Colin Trevorrow Getty Images[/caption]

Dinosaurs are about to get a lot more indie-quirky.

Colin Trevorrow is the latest director to prove that one can score a big studio franchise gig if one makes a cute romantic comedy as the "Safety Not Guaranteed" director has signed on to direct "Jurassic Park IV," according to Deadline.

Trevorrow joining the production makes for the latest bit of development on a project that was all thought extinct until earlier this year when Universal announced that it had locked a June 2014 release date for the film. Steven Spielberg will be producing "Jurassic Park IV" with Frank Marshall, with Kathleen Kennedy not involved due to her commitments to Disney's "Star Wars" resurrection.

The plot? Who knows? Everything's a damn secret these days, though we have a feeling it's going to involve people running from prehistoric monsters, and probably in the rain at some point.

"Safety Not Guaranteed," which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, made for one of last year's modest sleeper hits with its tale of a reporter (Aubrey Plaza) becoming involved with a man (Mark Duplass) who places a personal ad for someone to go time-traveling with him, an activity he's allegedly engaged in before. It's the kind of indie charmer that seems to catch the eye of Hollywood bigwigs, much in the same way that "(500) Days of Summer" helped Marc Webb get his "The Amazing Spider-Man" directing gig.

"Jurassic Park IV" will hit theaters on June 13, 2014 ... which really doesn't seem like it leaves a lot of time to make a movie like this. We shall see if Universal holds fast to that date, which echoes the June 11, 1993 release of the first "Jurassic Park," the 3D reworking of which will open April 5.