Video: When Jennifer Aniston Starred in 'Leprechaun'

We're sure that whenever someone brings up "Leprechaun," Jennifer Aniston just laughs it off in her weirdly aggressive, somewhat entitled way, but you know that deep down she's completely seething. She certainly loses some points on our scorecard for not fully embracing her B-movie horror past — what, "The Bounty Hunter" was so much better?

"Leprechaun" was unleashed upon unsuspecting theaters in January 1993, more than a year before Aniston would first appear as Rachel Green on what was destined to be the long-running sitcom "Friends" (and at least a few months after her run as Jeannie Bueller on the short-lived "Ferris Bueller" TV show — remember that?). In the scene above, she descends into a filthy basement carrying a tray of iced tea for two, succumbing to Irish madness with calling out for her imaginary friend "Nathan," whom she also later references as the lusty Leprechaun caresses her luscious legs. Oh, the delusions of youth.

Actually, that's not what's going on at all, but does it really matter? LEPRECHAUN FOREVER. Come on, Jen.