These New 'Lion King' Posters Are Font-astic

[caption id="attachment_79752" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Lion King 3D Disney[/caption]

Font nerds and Disney buffs, have we got a treat for you. Vermont-based design studio Untreed Studios has heard your jungle cries — or should we say roars -- and made fancy, highbrow-typography posters based "The Lion King." Designed with different characters, drawn as filled out by their iconic quotes -- and, yes, "Hakuna Matata" makes the cut — Simba, Mustafa, and even Rafiki take their sage wisdom and timeless charm to a whole new level.

Although there are eight posters in all, we're sad to see Nala excluded from the mix. Granted, she didn't necessarily play a huge role in the movie, but if you're going to give a poster to Gilbert Gottfried's squawky Zazu, anything's possible. So think about that, Untreed, while, somewhere, an interior designer puts the finishing touches on the coolest nursery ever.

Check out a few of the posters below, and for more, head to Untreed Studios.

simba alt poster

scar alt poster

rafiki alt poster