Ladies and Gentlemen: Little Miss Star Wars

star wars little miss sunshine poster

You know what movie we haven't thought about in a while? "Little Miss Sunshine," the indie darling-turned-commercial fave that made us fall in love with Abigail Breslin and see Steve Carell go semi-dark. Nevertheless, that film's poster remains a remarkably memorable one, replete with a simple sans serif font laid against a mustard background and a zany action sequence in the bottom third.

Blogger Cap'n Carrot has given the poster a retro spin, trading out Breslin, Carell, Colette, Kinnear, and Arkin for Skywalker, Leil, Han Solo, and friends. Yup, it's a "Star Wars" version of the "Little Miss Sunshine" poster, or, as we prefer to now call it, "Little Miss Star Wars."

The real question here, though: which one's in the pageant? Our money's on C3PO.