The 25 Best Movie-Inspired Graffiti Pieces

Some people spend most of their time in front of a computer ... and others go out and do stuff like this.

Behold some of the most elaborate and large-scale movie-themed fan art you'll ever see, most of it created under cover of night with a few spray cans and a seething desire to create ... or at least conjure stunning portraits of Neo, Freddy Krueger, Yoda, the Dude and other pop culture icons that shape our everyday lives. If only all walls were this cool.

The Avengers

[World of Superheroes]

The Big Lebowski


The Big Lebowski


A Clockwork Orange


The Dark Knight

[London Vandal]

Donnie Darko


Donnie Darko

[Shapeless Mass]

Fight Club


Harry Potter

[Graffiti Trend]

Alfred Hitchcock


The Matrix


The Matrix

[Cafe 77]

Freddy Kruger



[Zagreb Daily Photo]

Pulp Fiction




The Shining

[The Berry]

Star Trek





[Neam Graffiti]


[The Chive]


[How to Geek]

Taxi Driver


The Terminator

[Design You Trust]

V For Vendetta