We Found Nemo in These Cool Minimalist Pixar Posters!

pixar-minimalist-poster-220It's official: Minimalist posters are a thing. Studios are still churning out dull, lifeless floating head Photoshop deals, but everyone who knows where it's at lives for the clever, often fan-made movie art that pops up with increasing frequency.

One such experiment in coolness was conducted by graphic designer Wonchan Lee, who made several pieces representing different animated masterpieces in the Pixar canon, which can be seen in an article on Yahoo! and after the jump.

Each poster contains just a smidgeon of character detail, whether it be the three distinctive white stripes of Albert Brooks' Marlin from "Finding Nemo" set against an orange backdrop, or the unmistakable whiskers of Patton Oswalt's Remy from "Ratatouille." Instant recognizability is sacrificed for the joy of piecing things together in your head, and that extra leap lets the viewer feel like they're in on a fun secret, like recognizing a Masonic symbol or accidentally learning someone's ATM pin number.

Unfortunately Disney has forced Lee to take the prints down off his website, but here are a few on display courtesy of blogger Graham Smith.