16 Movie Stars With Secret Talents

[caption id="attachment_169266" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Warner Bros.[/caption]

Nearly all movie stars are really, really good-looking. And many of them can even act! But mastering Blue Steel and memorizing a few lines will only get you so far in Tinseltown. To truly shine, you've got to have something more — that certain Je ne sais quoi (look it up).

Two of the sexiest stars named Steve out there — Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi — have certainly figured this out. In their new comedy, "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," the thespians show off some serious magic skills like synchronized dancing, stealing antique watches and staying in a glass box for an entire week nearly twenty minutes. Seeing all their hidden talents got us wondering what other stars have secret talents that need to be shared with the world. The answers may surprise you.

Josh Hutcherson

The "Hunger Games" star can make eerily accurate cricket noises … oh, and bird noises too! It's sort of hard to describe, but it's seriously impressive. So if this whole being-the-star-of-an-international-franchise doesn't work out, you know, there's that.


Kristen Stewart

Despite her worldwide fame, the "Twilight" alumnus still has a few tricks up her sleeve. And by tricks we mean she can juggle. Obviously.


Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus' main squeeze (or is it ex-main-squeeze? We're not sure anymore) claims he has a little "Chris Angel magic set thing" in him. "I can make coins disappear," he explains. "I can put a flaming match on a shirt …" then he kinda trails off so we're not sure how that trick ends, but we support his efforts just the same.

Lucy Liu

This beauty sounds as good as she looks ... because she's got some mad skills on the accordion. Yes — the accordion. We don't know about you, but picturing this polished actress with a giant accordion (in our minds, it's giant) in-hand is music to our ears.

Pierce Brosnan

Before he was 007, Pierce Brosnan was (drum roll please) a painter. This means that in addition to saving the world, this delicious piece of man candy can create landscapes and portraits. Oh, and he's apparently a trained circus-style fire-eater as well. To be honest, this combination just makes us wonder what else he can do.

Rachel Bilson

"The To-Do List" star has an impressive secret talent: she can sign the alphabet. OK, so maybe it's not that impressive … but hey, can you do that?


Patrick Dempsey

Four words: This. Fool. Can. Juggle. Four more words: Just. Like. Kristen. Stewart.


Ginnifer Goodwin

Just because she chopped all her hair off doesn't mean she can't enjoy a good shampoo — which, we might add, she makes herself. "I use Coconut milk, castile soap and olive oil," she told NextMovie. "It makes my hair really shiny and it smells great!" We'll take her word for it.

Colin Farrell

He might be a bad boy, but he's also … a country western line dancer? Yep. Not only can this heartthrob work it on the dance floor, he even used to teach lessons. Sign us up.

Leslie Mann

This funny girl is a skilled unicyclist (yes, that's a thing.) She's had a unicycle since she was ten and knows "all kinds of tricks." The only question is: What's Judd doing while she's poppin' wheelies?

Bradley Cooper

His date for the Oscars was his mom. Wait — that probably doesn't count as a talent. How about this? He speaks French.


Rachel Weisz

What?! Move over Leslie Mann, 'cause Rachel Weisz can also ride a unicycle. Is this like … a thing? We're getting flashes of movie stars riding unicycles up and down Venice Beach while tumbleweeds roll through Runyon Canyon.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" star has huge guns a beautiful singing voice … which makes us wonder how on Earth he got passed over for "Les Mis." Maybe a casting director will read this and give him a call for the next musical-turned-movie. And then he will write us a thank-you note. In calligraphy. It could happen.

Salma Hayek

Just when you thought this woman couldn't get any sexier, you find out: She was training to be an Olympic gymnast?! She was courted in her youth by Mexico's gymnastics team. Obviously, she said no because she was holding out for ... whoever that really rich businessman is that she married.

Woody Allen

This auteur not only writes, directs and acts — he also plays the clarinet. Maybe  he and Lucy Liu can form some sort of star-powered duo. We think they'd be perfect together.


Elizabeth Banks

The "Hunger Games" stunner has a very, very … very … unique talent. She can feed herself with her feet. And on that note — The End.