Link Riot: Tom Hardy Shows How to Hug a Puppy

Tom Hardy and friend

• Bane isn't all bad. [Vulture]

• Movie Magicians: 14 favorite illusionists from film history. Including the one in "The Illusionist." [Moviefone]

• 15 classic teen rebellion movies ... with and without bikinis. [The Playlist]

• 10 movie characters and scenes built out of LEGOs. Out favorite is the Overlook Hotel from "The Shining." [Mental Floss]

• The 25 worst day jobs held by famous actors. Matthew McConaughey used to clean chicken coops? [Complex]

• SXSW's Indie Darlings: Who's the next Lena Dunham? [Hollywire]

• Here's another poster for "Grown Ups 2." Never did mediocrity look so epic. []

• This is probably the best Samuel L. Jackson prank one could ever hope to pull. [BuzzFeed]

• Jim Carrey claims he has never heard of "Guardians of the Galaxy." Neither have most people, actually. [FilmDrunk]

• "Divergent" casting! Meet Tori, Caleb and Christina. [Hypable]

• Here are some high-res versions of those awesome "Man of Steel" pics from Total Film. Bring on the change! []

• Copycats: TV shows inspired by movies. Wait, "Bates Motel" was a movie? Did it have a different title or something? [BuzzSugar]

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