Keanu's 'Generation Um...' Trailer Is Here, Um...

It's been almost four years since Keanu Reeves last appeared in a movie (trivia answer: the indie "Henry's Crime"), but if you've been wondering what Reeves has been up to, wonder no more. Because based on the new Apple Trailers debut for "Generation Um...," it appears he's been time traveling back to the 90's.

And not the good '90s of "The Matrix." The bad '90s of "Johnny Mnemonic."

Here's the scoop: Reeves plays an aging guy — hard to believe, but the dude is turning 49 this year! — who has never matured past his mid-20s heyday. As a result, he still hangs out with much younger women (Bojana Novakovic and Adelaide Clemens) and basically does nothing with his life except steal a gigantic video camera some retro hipster must have inherited from his grandpa. Then he uses the camera to film the trio slumming around the city being as louche and annoying as possible.

Honestly, the whole thing comes across as someone's mid-90s art project. These days, you know, we can film things with our phone. And while cinema verite is cool and everything, its impact is kind of blunted by the fact that most people reveal every single boring detail of their lives on social media, 24/7. We have Facebook News Feeds more exciting than this trailer.

We still like you, Keanu. We just.... kinda don't want to see this film. Check out the trailer and see if you agree.