5 'Leprechaun' GIFs That Will Enrich Your Existence

LeprechaunGIFS-Thumbnail-300x220It's sad but true: many of us are simply too busy with life's daily obligations to get our much-needed fill of the "Leprechaun" movies. Onerous endeavors such as tending to family, meeting deadlines at work, personal hygiene and eating to sustain life seemingly conspire all at once to keep us away from our cherished "Leprechaun" films, siphoning off hour after hour of our lives and forcing us to engage in other non-"Leprechaun" related pursuits.  Life can sometimes be so cruel.

For years, this perpetual tug-of-war between our insatiable "Leprechaun" cravings and the trappings of being a productive member of society endlessly tore our fragile psyches in opposite directions. To fulfill our obligations, or get our green-tinted fix of the little top hat-wearing devil? However, we think we may have found a salve for that hole in our souls: These "Leprechaun" GIFs.

True, they'll never fully deliver the purely blissful experience that only a back-to-back screening of the "Leprechaun" quadrilogy can achieve, but each GIF should at least provide an all-too-temporary respite from your daily trials and tribulations.

1. Leprechaun with a flashlight


2. Leprechaun races in a car


3. Leprechaun on wheels


4. Leprechaun in the fridge


5. Leprechaun doesn't look both ways