Brooke Shields Has Tough Time 'Starting Over' and Over and Over

Despite what "Eat, Pray, Love" may have led you to believe, not every middle-aged career hop turns out to be ideal, especially in this economy. However, if a gal is to have any chance at a fresh start to working life, she'll at least have to give a new effort some time before throwing in the proverbial towel, even if she's as dashing as Brooke Shields. Otherwise, she's just spinning the wheels, if you get the drift.

In this new Funny or Die video called "Starting Over," Brooke Shields' Miranda Huntington has had enough of the ho-hum get she got from life's box-o-boring-old-chocolates, and she's ready to pursue her real dreams before it's too late and the, uh, cobwebs start to set in.

So, she ditches her fella, packs up the ride and sails onto her big, inspiring dream of owning a candle shop. And things go pretty well for the New Miranda for a while. She even settles in with an admiring, muscly new beau, Rodrigo.

As they say, though, a girl can't run from her real problems, particularly when she is her own biggest issue. So, she concocts a new life-long dream of running a vegan bakery and follows that along to its natural end, and so the story goes on and on. Talk about a mid-life crisis. Miranda here is quite the cautionary tale of how not to, well, exist.