Like the 'Spring Breakers' Poster? Here Are 28 More

France may not seem like a popular destination of choice for spring break (it's not known for being very warm, is it?). However, it's most definitely the go-to country when it comes to soliciting "Spring Breakers" fan art.

The official poster for Harmony Korine's rambunctious tale of girls gone wild is certainly nothing to scoff at, what with its bikini-clad beauties and a looking-even-weirder-than-usual James Franco. However, it would be unfair to leave "Spring Breakers" strictly to the whims of the A24 marketing team, wouldn't it? There are so many artistic visions of debauchery to share, after all.

Take your own break and click on the collage below, which will take you to all 28 alternative posters for "Spring Breakers," courtesy of the French version of FilmGeek. Get it on (and off!) in theaters on March 15.

Spring Breakers fan art