A Cappella 'Skyfall' Cover is Pitch Perfect

It was a welcome surprise on Oscar night when Dame Shirley Bassey reminded us that she was, at one point, the queen of the James Bond theme song. Not that Adele has necessarily snatched her crown, per se (sharing is fun!), but she most definitely deserved the golden statue she received for her theme to "Skyfall."

Actually, it's pretty fair to say that anything Adele touches turns to gold (or, to be honest, quadruple platinum), which is why hearing the tune done without instruments or Adele's voice has the potential to be, er, less than good. But don't tell that to a cappella quintet LVL5, whose excellent, lush "Skyfall" cover (and impressive lead solo by Octavia Petrut) would surely be enough to get Adele to call it "bloody brilliant."