Reporter Spends Entire Interview Macking on Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis somehow just became about ten times cooler.

What could've been an extremely awkward (and pathetic) situation ended up being an entertaining (and oddly sweet) flirting session as Chris Stark, a first-time interviewer for the BBC's Scott Mills show, spent his entire spot more or less hitting on the "Oz: The Great and Powerful" beauty.

"Did you enjoy being ugly for once? Because usually you're hot," was the first question Stark managed to ask after repeatedly expressing his nervousness. From there, he proceeded to yammer on about his friends, soccer (well, "football" — you know, British and all) and a drink called the "lap bomb."

Kunis could've been weirded out by the whole thing but instead took it like a pro, actually engaging the poor guy in conversation and even admitting that their rapport beat the usual kind of interview.

"This is way more fun for me!" Kunis exclaimed when the chatty Stark said he should probably get back to the questions. It is for all of us, too, at that.

Anyway, it's a wonderful world. Watch it at work above.

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