Eff, Marry, Kill: Women of 'Oz' Edition


Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Or, more accurately, do you prefer a good witch or a bad witch? That's the question we're asking today on this very special Ladies of "Oz the Great and Powerful" edition of NextMovie's Eff, Marry, Kill.

It would appear that beauty and magic have a direct correlation because Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams, all certified Gorgeous Ladies, portray the three witches of Oz in the new flick, due in theaters March 8. Lovely though they all may be, there can only be one good witch — and only one you choose to bring home to Mom in a game of Eff, Marry, Kill, good witch or not so good.

So who will it be? Do you marry the lady who comes and goes by bubble? Have a soft spot for the witch in red? Are you enchanted by Oz's third witch? Be sure to vote in our poll and sound off in comments and on Twitter, and check out our esteemed FMKers' picks as well!

Alex Suskind, Moviefone editor

Since I’ve already professed my love to Mila Kunis through my Mila Kunis Closet Shrine after watching re-runs of "That '70s Show," saying "I do" to her would be as easy as pie. She's beautiful, digs "Star Trek," and helped Jason Segel forget about Sarah Marshall in that one movie of theirs. Sounds like wife material to me! Speaking of pi (no, not that Pi, this "Pi"), I am sorry, but Rachel Weisz has got to go. She left my man Darren Aronofsky for Daniel Craig, which, OK, sort of makes sense because he's 007, plus "The Fountain," but have you seen "Black Swan" and "The Wrestler"? Those movies rock. That leaves my one-night stand for Michelle Williams. Besides being a "Dawson’s Creek" alum, she’s also a looker, does a killer Marilyn Monroe impression, and I'd be able to leave before the conversation turned toward "Blue Valentine," which would make things sorta depressing.

Eff: Michelle Williams

Marry: Mila Kunis

Kill: Rachel Weisz

Kevin Polowy, NextMovie executive editor

This one's pretty easy: Mila Kunis is far and away the sexiest of the bunch, plus it's a two-fer as both my "Black Swan" and '70s hippy fantasies get played out in this scenario. She gets the eff grade. And Michelle Williams is the sweetest and most marryiable (not actual word) among the bunch, though I have seen "Take This Waltz," so I'll watch out. Weisz dies by default. Sorry, Weisz.

Eff: Mila Kunis

Marry: Michelle Williams

Kill: Rachel Weisz

Matt Donnelly, Remote Control assistant editor

Electing to marry a benevolent creature with angelic features is my parents’ dream for me, so I naturally choose to kill Michelle Williams and sell her lopped-off hair for profit. Glinda would understand. Hi, Mom and Dad! If that’s not enough to strike me from the Thanksgiving guest list, Mila Kunis is my choice wife as long as it’s understood that her penchant for slipping people narcotics didn't start and stop with "Black Swan." The thought of Grandma separating dark from white meat while loopy on blotters is really a hoot. What would the pies even look like!

Finally, I can’t say I've seen much of Rachel Weisz's work, but my friend Marisa loves "Runaway Jury" and I've certainly been indiscreet for less. Consider this seed sown.

Eff: Rachel Weisz

Marry: Mila Kunis

Kill: Michelle Williams

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