Ricky Gervais Philosophizes with Pepe the King Prawn

As both "The Office" and "Extras" proved, Ricky Gervais never met a pregnant pause he couldn't impregnate with more awkwardness.

Looks like he's bringing that comedy of discomfort to the set of "The Muppets… Again!" as evidenced by this new 30-second clip featuring Gervais and Pepe the King Prawn chillin' between takes on the London set of the puppetastic sequel.

Pepe half-heartedly attempts to strike up a bond with Gervais, only to… well, it's only 30 seconds, so let's not get too deep into spoiler territory.

According to Cinema Blend (via Bleeding Cool) Gervais also did an interview where he elaborated on his relationship with the shrimpiest Muppet:

"I didn’t really rate him before but he’s a brilliant bloke," joked Gervais. "'I said to him, I went, 'Are you a prawn?' He went, 'King prawn.' I said 'What’s the difference between a prawn and a shrimp,’ and he says, 'It’s all about the size, baby.'"