Here Now is a List of Every Celebrity Ever Mocked on South Park

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If you were at all famous sometime in the last sixteen years, congratulations, you were probably made fun of on "South Park" in some manner. Trey Parker and/or Matt Stone didn't touch you? Well, you probably weren't all that famous to begin with. Sorry.

Inspired, our friends at Vulture took seven total years (we're guessing) to compile a list of every single celebrity ever mocked on South Park. Every single one, from Dr. Oz to Ozzy Osbourne to Jesse Jackson and Meredith Vieira. Yes, even Vieira, America's sweetheart.

Not only that, but there are detailed descriptions of how each celebrity was mocked on the show, and which season of the show it took place. Quite the index. (A personal favorite: The necessarily cross-referencing of "West, Kanye" and "DeGeneres, Ellen.)

The downside for Vulture — other than the time it took to do this — is obvious: Now we can all look forward to the episode this upcoming season called "Eating the Vulture" where the employees at the Vulture offices all become cannibals due to never leaving the office because of an obsession with a popular cartoon.